The Adventures of Lola – Leaving my mum!

Oh wow, I’m so excited I keep wanting to have a little wee!

Tonight there are some people coming to see us.  We have already had to sit on the soft thing the man who has been looking after us calls a sofa, so he can take a photo of us all!  We had a group photo, and then some in pairs.  I put on my cutest pose and made sure you would look at me first on the photo!


I was born 8 weeks ago. They say I’m a Border Collie.  My mummy and daddy both have jobs.  They run round chasing sheep all day, on a place called a farm.  I haven’t met my daddy as he doesn’t live with us, but my mummy has been helped by this man who we live with.  Now I am old enough to leave home, and I am so excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my mummy, 2 brothers and 7 sisters very much, but sometimes a girl just needs her own space!

We have already had people come to see us, but they only wanted boys.  Today the people want a girl.  A girl! Can you imagine if they pick me?  My sisters and I are all getting ourselves ready.  I have been practising my cuteness pose!

When we were having our photo taken, I could see outside.  Everything was so bright and green.  Oh I really can’t wait to see what else is outside that window.

Suddenly, there is a noise from outside. They are here!  Oh no, this is it.  I have only a few seconds to get this right.  My brothers have been put in another room so the people get to see just us girls.  My sisters are all running around excited.  I need to make sure I stand out!

It’s getting very cramped in our pen now.  We have all grown in the last few weeks and with everyone running around wagging their tales, there is even less room.  I really need to make sure they see me.  They need to see just must.  Oh where to go, what to do?  I’ve got just one chance.  Wait, look over there.  There is a space in the corner!  It’s right by where the people will come in!  Quick, I need to get it before my sisters see it! I need to get there?  Oh I wish they would all move out of my way.  They will be in here soon.  I have to stand out.

I quickly get into the corner!  Right, cuteness, cuteness!  Oh I so want a pee!  I must not pee, I must not pee!  Be cute, be cute!

Oh wow, they are here.  I must not pee, I must not pee!  Its a man and a lady.  They look so kind.  They are looking at us all.  Be cute, be cute!  Oh now wait, she is looking and pointing at me!  Be cute, be cute!

Yey, I’m being picked up and taken to  the lady.  She is so warm.  She says she want me.  She has picked me.  I must not pee, I must not pee!

She wraps me in this really warm blanket that she has taken out of her bag.  It feels so nice.  I think she likes me.  The man is stroking me now too!  I’ve been picked. I must not pee, I must not pee!

Wait, what is happening.  The man who has been looking after me has taken me off the lady.  No, this can’t be happening.  Where is he taking me?  Please give me back to the lady.

He takes me upstairs.  What is happening.  I want my new lady!

I can hear water.  Oh I see, phew, he is giving me a bath.  I do need to look my best for the lady!  I feel so much nicer now.  I really need to keep up the cuteness factor.  Please hurry up.  Oh what if they leave before I’m done?  I do hope they are still down there and haven’t picked one of my sisters instead.  Oh what if they decide they like one of my sisters more?  I wish he would hurry up!  Come on, I need to go back to the lady!

He takes me back downstairs.  Yey, they are both still there!  Ah, she can’t wait to cuddle me again.  I think I am going to like this lady and man!

Ouch, what was that?  Something sharp has gone into my neck!  That really hurt.  Lady is talking to me really softly.  Oh, she is telling me its a tracker so I will never get lost.  She said she is going to call me Lola.  Lola, I like that name.  I am Lola, pleased to meet you.  My name is Lola, how are you?  Yes I think I’m going to really enjoy being called Lola!

The lady has wrapped me in that warm blanket again.  She is cuddling me so much, I think i’m going to burst with excitement!  Now the lady and the man are saying goodbye to my mum and sisters.  I think it’s finally here!  The day I leave home!  I feel so grown up!

Oh wow, lady is carrying me outside.  This is so exciting!  I must not pee, I must not pee!  It’s so cold.  I’m so glad lady is cuddling me with my blanket.  It’s so dark outside.   I can’t see much, but we are going to a metal thing.  It’s called a car.  Lady says they are taking me to my new home.  My new home!  I’m so excited.  I must not pee, I must not pee!

The man gets into the car one side and the lady sits next to  him with me on her lap!  I can see lots of lights!  I’m really tired, but I can’t sleep.  This is so exciting.  I’m going to my new home!