The Adventures of Lola – My first morning!

Lola, come on Lola Bear.  Oh I must be dreaming!  I can hear my name being called out.  Mummy is picking me up and cuddling me.  This is so lovely.

Brrrr what’s going on?  It’s so cold and dark?  What’s going on?  Mummy help me?  No please don’t put me down, it’s too cold.  Mummy, pick me up, pleeeeease!  No I don’t want a wee wee or  a  dump dump, I want to go back to my nice warm bed!  Oh no, she is sitting down now.  I know, if I run up to her she might pick me up and cuddle me again!

Oh this isn’t working!  My paws are freezing.  Ok Lola, quick, think!  How are we going to get back into the warm house?  I know,  I’ll cry?  Nope, that’s not working!  She keeps telling me to have a wee wee or dump dump!  Can she perform on demand?  I’m used to just doing it when I want!  What’s wrong with just having a pee when you need one?  Ok, I know I end up walking in it, and yuk even worse when it was one of my brothers or sisters, but please, at least I was warm when I did it!

Right!  Time to concentrate Lola, there is only one way back inside!  I need to wee!  Think of water, think of water!  Yey, there you go!  Ooh, mummy is so pleased with me.  Ah, she is giving me a big cuddle and a sweet!  That’s great, but can we get back inside now please?  Ah, thank goodness she has put me back in my little house, and wrapped me in my blanket.

Yaaawn!  Night mummy, see you in the morning!

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep!  What was that?  I don’t like that noise.  Mummy where are you?  Mummy, I’m scared?  Ah that’s better.  A cuddle always makes me feel better!  Fido is running around, maybe he needs a pee too!

Mummy is saying that daddy has to go to work, so we are going to make him a cup of tea!  Fido is running down the stairs ahead of us.  He really must need a pee!  I’m too little for the stairs mummy said, so she is carrying me!  I like being carried by mummy, but when she isn’t looking, I might try those stairs!  They look fun!  I’m sure I’m not too little really!

Eek, Fido does need a wee and poo!  Now I see why mummy said we have to do that in the garden!

Ooh, mummy said its breakfast time!  I have my own special bowls.  One for water and another for my food.  I don’t have to share anymore!  I’m so glad, as Fido would probably eat all my food!

I can see Fido looking over at my bowl.  Ha ha, I’m a princess and I’ve got special food, and it’s all mine!  I bet his doesn’t taste as good as mine!

Daddy is going to work today.  He doesn’t chase sheep like my other mummy and daddy did!  No, he works in an office!  I’m not sure what an office is, but I bet it’s very important!  Probably not as fun as chasing sheep, but still important!

Mummy is going for a shower now and so she says I have to go back into my house.  It is so nice in here with my special blanket!  I think I’ll just have a quick snooze!  Yaaawn!

Ah that is better!  Now, how do I get out of this house?  Hmm.  When mummy puts me in here she pulls that thing over there to close the hole!  Now, how do I open that hole again?  I really must make sure I’m watching carefully when she comes and gets me out!