The Adventures of Lola – Exploring my new home

Just think, this time yesterday I was running around, falling all over my brothers and sisters, fighting to get to dinner first!  I always thought I was special.  Now look at me.  I have my own little house, my own food and water bowl, a beautiful pink necklace, and a mummy who keeps picking me up and calling me her little princess.  Ah, life is just bliss!

Mummy took my house upstairs last night so I could sleep next to her!  I do love my mummy!  I can hear water splashing around and her singing.  That must be what she does in the thing she calls a shower!  If only I knew how to get out of my house, I could go and see what this shower thing is all about!  You never know, I may like one too!

Ah here she is!  She always smiles when she sees me!  Fido is sniffing at my house!  I think I will rub my nose against his and see if we can be friends.  He is a lot bigger than me so a little scary, and he barks a lot which I don’t like, but if I act cute, he might like me a little!

Mummy is opening the hole on my house.  Ah I see what she did now!  I just need to work out how I can do it as my paws are too big, and I’m not sure they will move like mummy’s hands!

She is picking me up again.  Ooh she smells nice.  She is cuddling me into her neck.  I do love cuddles from mummy.

She has picked up my house in her other hand and taking me downstairs!  Fido is coming with us too!

Mummy has put my bed in corner of the room I now know is the kitchen!  She has put me on the floor next to it!  Right, I think it’s about time I did some exploring!  Now, I think we came in this way.  Right!  Hmm, there are a lot of doors here.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, oh and those stairs!  They do look a bit big, but maybe I will try them later!  So these doors, I wonder what is behind them?

Hey look, this door is slightly open.  I wonder if I can get my nose in to look?  Heave!    Just a little bit more, come on Lola, you can do this! Oh, that’s a bit boring.  It isn’t very big, and its not got much in it!  Oh look soft squidgy things.  They could be fun!

Where is mummy going?  Quick, I must follow her!  Oh wow, she is going for one of the other doors!  Run Lola, run!  Oh wow, I have never seen anything so big or beautiful.  It’s like a big tree, but with flashing lights, and balls hanging off it.  And what is that on top?  It looks like a doll!  why would you put a doll on top of a tree?

Sniff, sniff, these look interesting.  I wonder what they are?  Something is loose here.  Let me give it a bit of a tug!  Mummy is looking at me, and I don’t think she is happy!  She has picked me up!  She says I can’t play with them as they are presents.  I don’t know what a present is, but it sounds like they are not for puppies, although I will take another look later when no-one is looking!

Mummy says she has a present for me!  Oh how exciting!  It isn’t in colourful paper like the ones under the tree, so maybe it’s a different type of present!  It is round and colourful.    Mummy has put in on the floor and rolling it to me.  Oh this is fun.  Every time I  touch it, it runs away from me! Oh no, its now gone under that  wooden thing.  Squeeze, I’m sure I can get under here and get it, come on Lola, that’s it!


Oh I do like this game.  It is so fun.  Right now to explore more!

Hmm, the other doors are all still shut!  Ok, maybe I will check out the kitchen!

That looks comfy.  Let me try it!  Ouch, mummy, mummy Fido just attacked me.  Mummy, mummy I’m so scared.

Mummy has picked me up and given me a big cuddle.  She is now telling Fido off!  I didn’t know it was his bed.  He is so mean!  Mummy says he has to be nice to me and share his things with me! Ha, so there Fido.  Be nice!

Mummy has put me back down again.  Ooh what is that over there by my house.  This looks interesting.  I think it’s  climbing things.  I think I can do this.  Heave, heave, phew I’m in!  Eek what is that smell?

Mummy is laughing at me now.  She says I’m cute.  Of course I am!  She is picking me up again?  I don’t know why but I don’t mind!  She is now taking some brown balls out from where I was sitting.  She says they will make me very poorly if I eat them.  I don’t want that.


Yaaawn.  I’m a little bit tired now, so I think I’ll just have a quick nap before I go exploring again!