The Adventures of Lola -Houdini

Yaawn, stretch, yaawn, stretch.  That was a lovely nap.  It’s so tiring all this puppy stuff! Now where is mummy?  Yap, Yap, come on mummy I need a wee wee! Yap, Yap.  Mummy where are you?  Ah here she is.  All smiles.  Oh, and there is Fido!  I’m really not sure about him yet.  He follows mummy around everywhere.

Ah cuddles time!  Mummy is asking  if I want a wee wee.  Oh I so do, just put me down mummy and I can go!  Oh no, I don’t need to go outside to do it, honest, I can do it in here!  It’s so much warmer!  No mummy honest please don’t put me outside again!

Here we go again!  Does she not realise how cold it is on my paws!  Oh well, lets get it over and done with!

There, right time to wag my tail and look cute again!  Yey, sweetie time!  There are some advantages to this weeing on the grass thing.

Now to explore more!

Ding dong.  What’s that?  No mummy don’t put me back in my house, I want to come with you.  Mummy come back!

Where has she gone, I want to see.  Fido has gone, why can’t I? There is only one thing for it, I need to find a way out of my house!  So mummy used her hands to pull this thing here!  I don’t have hands and my paws won’t do it, so what else can I use?  Think Lola, think!  Oh this is so hard.  What can I use, what can I use!

I know!  Right, so if I just get this into my teeth and pull.  It’s a lot harder that it looks.  Come  on Lola, you just need to pull.  Pull Lola,just a bit more, come on you can do this!  It’s working.  I just need a bit more! That’s it!  Now, if I just squeeze through here.  Squeeze, yey I’m out!  Wow that was exhausting!  Now where is mummy and Fido!

Ooh, there is a man at the door I came in yesterday.  He has lots of boxes.  They look so big.  I wonder what is in them?  I’ll just go and have a look!

Hi mummy, what are you doing?  No don’t pick me up, I just want to have a look in those boxes!  Mummy thinks she forgot to close my house!  Really!  Does she really think it’s that difficult to get out?  I mean, it’s only a little bit of pulling.  Not exactly difficult mummy!!

Fido is looking at me all cross now!  Hello, you are not the only one who can look at the boxes you know.  Just because you are bigger than me!

Mummy, can I get down now please?  Wow, look out there, there is a big metal thing outside.  It says TESCO.  It that its name?  A funny name if you ask me!

Mummy is signing something now! She is saying something to the man.  Now she has closed the door!  Oh I wanted to see more?  Can you open the door again mummy?  No mummy, please don’t put me back in my house, I just want to see what is going on?  Mummy please let me out!  Ok, here we go again.  Right so this metal thing in teetch and pull!  Come on Lola, you have to get back to see what mummy is doing!

Yey, I’m out!  Right so lets have a look around here!  Oh, Fido is in his bed.  I think I will just say hello.  Growl, bark.  Mummy, mummy where are you, Fido just barked at me.  Mummy, mummy I’m so scared.  Oh there she is.  Mummy Fido is such a bully!  Yes, a cuddle will make me feel better!

Ha, Fido is in trouble again!  Nah nah nah nah nah!  I’m mummy’s little princess.  You have to be nice to me! So there!

Mummy can I curl up on your lap and go to sleep!  Cute look Lola, cute look!  Come on work it!  Yey, that works!  I’ll just have another nap!  This escaping is just so yaawn, yaawn, tiring, yaawn!